Join us for a day of workshops dedicated to I/O at ISC High Performance 2017 on June 22, 2017.


The Workshop On Performance and Scalability of Storage Systems (WOPSSS) aims to present state-of-the-art research, innovative ideas, and experience that focus on the design and implementation of HPC storage systems in both academic and industrial worlds, with a special interest on their performance analysis.

The arrival of new storage technologies and scales unseen in previous practice lead to significant loss of performance predictability. This will leave storage system designers, application developers and the storage community at large in the difficult situation of not being able to precisely detect bottlenecks, evaluate the room for improvement, or estimate the matching of applications with a given storage architecture. WOPSSS intends to encourage discussion of these issues through submissions of researchers or practitioners from both academic and industrial worlds.

All accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings by Springer Extended versions of the best papers will be published in the ACM SIGOPS ( journal Papers need to be submitted via Easychair (

Submission Deadline: March 31 April 15
Workshop: June 22

I/O in the Data Center Workshop

Managing scientific data at large scale is challenging for scientists but also for the host data center. The storage and file systems deployed within a data center are expected to meet users’ requirements for data integrity and high performance across heterogeneous and concurrently running applications.

With new storage technologies and layers in the memory hierarchy, the picture is becoming murkier. To effectively manage the data load within a data center, I/O experts must understand how users expect to use these new storage technologies and what services they should provide in order to enhance user productivity. We seek to ensure a systems-level perspective is included in these discussions. In this workshop we bring together I/O experts from data centers and application workflows to share current practices for scientific workflows, issues and obstacles for both hardware and the software stack, and R&D to overcome these issues.

The Workshop content is built on two tracks:

  1. Research papers – submit a short paper regarding relevant research for I/O in the data center.
  2. Talks from I/O experts – you’ll need to submit a rough outline for your talk.

Contributions to both tracks are peer reviewed and require submission of the respective research paper
or idea for your presentation via Easychair:

Submission Deadline: March 28 April 8 AoE
Workshop: June 22